Aysha Abdulla, Emily Brooke, Faizah Chowdhury, Katie Crowe, Sarah Eckley, Holly Hodgson, Teagan Mitchell, Megan Wainman

A development upon our last show SYMBOLISM we came to understand all of our work focuses on a version of ‘myself’. As you travel around the room each artist spun their own take and reflected upon themselves and how they have become the person they are today.  A journey start at adolescence to young adulthood.

Aysha Abdulla
acrylic and oil pastel on 9x12in canvas’

“Embracing and romanticising loss of control through gestural movement and color layering.
In order to strip myself away from control these canvases were painted as one big canvas then separated and moved. Doing this took away my ability to know what the end results would look like once set up.”

My Gaze Your GazeMy Gaze Your Gaze
Katie Crowe
video, 1 minute and 2 seconds

“A development upon ‘The Gaze’ , This exhibit invites you to watch My gaze and reflect upon your own. Taking comments directly from a youtube video I was unaware I was filmed during a night out and put in. It’s a journey of self reflection and the importance of remembering who you are at your core , to not let negativity and comments consume you.”

How big?

Holly Hodgson
twine on canvas
60 x 40cm

“This piece shows the difference in size between the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (620,000 sq mi) and the UK (94,530 sq mi).”

Sarah Eckley

“This work explores how we use the body to create movements within gymnastics. Yet explores how the sport can also make us feel broken being mentally and physically, this is created by the installation of the piece being black&white and colour. But also the broken up image.”