Aysha Abdulla , Katie Crowe, Sarah Eckley, Holly Hodgson, Teagan Mitchell, Kayce Phillips, Madaleine Poxon, Ebrahim Sait, Mitchell Sawley, Megan Wainman

Symbolism - ‘an artistic and poetic movement or style using symbolic images and indirect suggestion to express mystical ideas, emotions, and states of mind.’

As a group we collectively decided to focus on the theme symbolism, as the exhibit progressed we started to notice a pattern. Beginning the journey looking at childhood and the nostalgia that comes from that. It then moves to young adulthood and tackles issues we as students/young adults have to deal with daily and ends with old age , reflecting on the journey they have taken and the time that is running out.

The Gaze
Katie Crowe
Video collage

“I took 'THE MALE GAZE' and made it unrecognisable through distortion and collage taking away what the male gaze draws upon.”

Trash Island
Holly Hodgson

“This piece is composed of collected plastics and litter bonded onto a found and repurposed piece of plywood. It was inspired by the devastating Great Pacific Garbage Patch located in the Pacific Ocean, East of the USA. This ever expanding tragedy is said to be twice the size of Texas, and weighs approximately 80,000 tonnes. It is so important to bring this to people’s attention now as we continue to lead the planet to its death.” 

Two Ghosts
Aysha Abdulla
Acrylic and oil pastel on canvas
40 x 32inch

“Two Ghosts questions the universal language of art and letting go of control. By using a color wheel to decide the colors for me, I have stripped away the symbolism and universal meaning of color. Dealing with arthritis has allowed me to see how little control I have over my pain. Therefore, my goal was to shift that negativity towards something positive by making art that romanticises loss of control.”

Aysha Abdulla
Palette cutouts

“Pocket is a miniature painting that showcases the color palette from the Two Ghosts painting, which has been cutout and presented. Usually, artists don’t give much thought to the appearance of their palette; it’s only there to combine colors and test brush strokes. However, by displaying them alongside my painting, viewers get a raw glimpse into my thoughts while painting.”

Strings of fate
Kaycee Phillips

“It’s a Tarot card reading and the card drawn is the “Fate” card which means that your fate would be tested soon and no matter what you do you can no outrun fate. The character shows three sisters sharing one eye and a body showing reference to the Greek and Norse counterparts in mythology.”

Society in Bloom
Madeleine Poxon

“My piece features a collage of mirror reflecting fragmented images of currency, credit cards, and debt-related visuals. Intertwined with vibrant flowers, it symbolizes the complex relationship between nature, consumerism, and the reflection of societal financial pressures.”