William Gallagher

An excerpt from a land pirate.
Trek beneath a stretch marked sky and set sail upon the tarmac.
Translate the wind o’ fabric many.
The element of 🜁
Allow the currents to flow you towards the heavens.
​Without the life force of the breeze, you will perish.
Flight towards life's Quintessence may only work if you subjugate the sky.
Dominion of galeforce, it is your birthright.
​Flutter a distance my creations.
​The Western Wind shall be your guide.
Above the Celestial plane is your home.
​Amongst the Azure you can never slumber, but may only rest with concrete pillows.
​Our day will come to ride The Tempest, far away to a memory not yet made.

​Be wary of the destructors three.
🜄   🜃   🜂

On my journeys I would capture the distribution wires that connect us.
A foreign object in the scenery, necessary to connect us and to make the world a smaller place.

I really resonate with this message from Jackie Matisse,  the wind is a great medium to work with and I am currently creating kites to be flown within that space as well as kites created with A.I instruction to expose the limitation that Artificial intelligence poses on human ingenuity.
A lazy excuse for creation that lacks a soul.

The kites in the background that you see flying across the screen are an example of these Artificially Intelligent designs, which in turn were crudely crafted by me by hand, with no specific measurements taken.

A small world of flightless kites.
A disabled form, a mimicry of truth and limited by itself.

I do enjoy working with this newer medium, however the work that stays in the digital realm is not my cup of tea.

Collecion of teapots 2022- 2023

An eclectic range of teapots used as source material whilst working with text to image A.I software.
This work was to train Stable_Diffusion_2_0 on various teapots that I had collected from charity shops around Leeds,   Bradford and Keighley.

I create relief prints of these designs after creating thousands of throw-away designs to cherry pick a vision.
These are then drawn by hand and then carved for the sails on my kites yet to be constructed.
I will be using the template given by NASA for box kites.

My artworks are to be drawn on a cloudy canvas.