The Male Graze

Curated by Katie Crowe
22 Mar - 14 Apr 2024

“Over the past two years, I have been heavily influenced and interested in Feminist Art, specifically by the art group the Guerrilla Girls.

While being involved in the production of our upcoming White Column publication which features all our exhibitions for 2023-24, I knew that I would love to get into a conversation with the Guerrilla Girls, so I took the leap and sent them an email. From this initial exchange grew the opportunity to display their work in our very own White Column gallery.

It has been interesting being behind the scenes and communicating with such an influential and historical art group known world-wide. It really kickstarted my interest in curating and has allowed me to develop my knowledge on how exhibitions are curated from start to finish." – Katie Crowe, BA Fine Art student Leeds Beckett University

The Guerrilla Girls are anonymous artist activists who since 1985 use disruptive headlines to expose gender and ethnic bias and corruption in art, film, politics, and culture. They believe in an intersectional feminism that fights for human rights for all people and have done hundreds of projects all over the world, and are currently exhibited at Tate Modern, London.