Paul Tranter

The Legend of Tsar Sultan

The following images document the performances and installations made by  MA Fine Art student Paul Tranter over 12 hours on Thursday 17 April 2024.

The performance and installations were inspired by the gift of ninety eight plates in protective packaging boxes by Ivan Jones to the Leeds School of Arts who hoped that: ‘someone will find a use for them’.

The title of the exhibition is taken from a hand written note by Ivan on one of the boxes.

The three paintings hanging on the gallery walls are works by the artist from previous White Column shows and were installed to give the work ‘Ninety Eight Plates’ the sense that it was taking place in a gallery with a current exhibition in place.

The exhibition starts with the installation of ‘Ninety Eight Plates’ as a stack on top of a plinth accompanied by two stacks of protective packaging boxes, adding three new columns to the White Column gallery.

Everything else in the exhibiton is inspired by the subsequent toppling of the plates.

‘Ninety Eight Plates (and two box stacks)’

‘Ninety Eight Plates (the crash)’

‘Ninety Eight Plates (the smash)’









‘Made in Japan’

‘Ninety Eight Plates’