Jasmine Easton-Cooper

Shop window in Amsterdam
text based installation

“My installation for the White column centers around my mental health and my current feelings towards various aspects of my life.
I wrote some of the text previously but I came up with most of it when I was in space, I feel like this gave the installation a performative edge.

To say I felt observed whilst I was creating this installation would be an understatement; the large glass windows and beaming sunlight made me feel like I was in a fish tank or like I was in a shop window in Amsterdam.
Putting on a show whilst people are watching and reading about your very real emotions from the otherside of a glass wall felt very visceral and grotesquely disconnected. I didn’t like this aspect and it made me feel like something was lost in the writing when viewed from the outside; the fact that it took me 5 hours to create and install and 10 minutes to tear down also took body away from the text, it made it seem inconsequential and trivial. Now it exists purely on a website, adds another layer on top of what it was to begin with and moves the viewer even further away from the rawness and emotionality of the text.”