AM EASY15 – 24 April 2024

Tír gan teanga, tír gan anam. Explore a collection of works created at lightning speed over an intense two week period. Repetition is the resurgence of a distant memory... Extraction, accumulation, destruction. Art born out of art. Re-used, re-cycled, re-materialised, re-ordered. I wanted the rawness and the authenticity to come through my photos. I feel they are capturing pure moments within my weekend away, they arent perfect and thats exactly what i wanted. Salt, white, green, and red pepper, vinegar preserve and deconstruct unfolding thoughts. Kites draw lines on a cloudy canvas, where nostalgia flows, where depression grows, how sharp the wind must blow. Pseudo-c*nt has landed in my backyard and crushed my azaleas. 

Click upon the name of each artist to visit their page, or browse at your leisure by simply scrolling down to explore the outcome of our collective labour.