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        This article is about the debut motion picutre. For the band see here

Released theatrically in 1991, Tranarchy In the UK is a pseudo cinéma vérité style documentary directed by God. Featuring Pseudocunt, a Lemurian rock band on tour in abyssal hellhole London in 1991. While Pseudo Cunt is the focus of the documentary, the film also gives attention to Yuppie Supper, Nilehn, DJ Mackenzie and Jesus Christ.

Pseudo Cunt were at the commercially viable vanguard forefront of fag rock. By the middle of 1991 the real world was a grim and grey place, with its seemingly never ending, self satisfying, reheated, nostalgia sludge and barage of deranged restrictive attacks on political freedoms towards sexy trannies trying to have a good time.
Out of this came the likes of the esoteric pseudo-cuntian eschaton movement, and amongst the tsunami of untutored musicians Pseudo Cunt rose to monumental popularity. Becoming a cultural zeitgeist and releasing the single greatest and most tasteful rock album of all time, outselling The Beatles, Lady Gaga and Nirvana by a million to one.

Pseudocunt also experienced a brief hiatus after running out of ideas and realising they had no talent, then soon after detracted the supposed statement whilst live on mtv. Although they later claimed they “never said such thing, and it was simply the work of liars and haters...”



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